"I loved working with Beth... She is able to tell a seller what needs to be done in a positive, supportive way. I’m so excited about having Beth as part of the value we bring to sellers. She makes my team look great!"

Karin Ericson, Realtor
Staged To Sell Client


"... Working with Elizabeth is about so much more than just organizing your closet. She will change your life!"


Taraleigh Weathers, Burlington VT
Organize My Home Client



"... I just sat there to take it all in. There is a real comfort and calm that comes from important possessions being in the
right place. My house is now a home thanks to Elizabeth."

Cynthea Hausman, Burlington
Styled to Live Client



"I am much happier with everything about the house now that it is mostly organized thanks to Elizabeth's guidance and help... her visits and expertise made all the difference for my sanity."


Carole Townbridge, Williston
Organize My Home Client





"Beth is like a tornado. She is a professional stager who sets your house up to sell. Nothing gets by her inside and out. Great to work with and is also very patient. Organizes your "stuff" to move, sell or donate. Good people."

Earl Wertheim, Colchester

Organize My Home & Staged to Sell Client


"My client could not have done it without you!”


Dorthy Vigel, Realtor Remax North Professionals

Organize My Home & Staged to Sell Client


"We had been trying to sell our mother’s house for over a year.  Although the house was freshly painted, decluttered and nicely decorated, we had no offers, despite regular price reductions as recommended by our realtor. Finally, we decided to give staging a try.  Since we do not live locally, we met Beth just once, agreed on a very reasonable budget for expenditures and her time, and then let her do her magic.  Within two weeks, every room in the house was beautifully staged and photo ready, and four days later we had our offer!

What we admire so much about Beth is that she retained and enhanced the special qualities of the property, while also updating it so that today’s buyers could immediately envision themselves living there.  She not only has great taste and style, but she really knows the market.  She is a gem, personally and professionally.  We simply cannot recommend her highly enough."   


Martha Tomasi Lane, Underhill, Vermont
Staged to Sell Client

martha lane.jpg


"Beth’s presentation was spot on. She talks clearly and matter of factly about why and how we create clutter in our spaces, while giving tangible and easy ways to inspire new habits to organize. With a little humor and a lot of acceptance of how life gets cluttered sometimes, she gave relevant examples and advice to everyone in the room.”

Sybil Keefe

Vice President Marketing

Hickok and Boardman Realty


“Beth is a warm and friendly person.  She came into my home and I immediately felt like an old friend had come to visit.  I was so grateful for her expertise in organizing all the stuff in our spare room and throughout the house.  With her help, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, we were able to part with items we have kept, but really had no use for.  Most of all, with Beth there as a third party, it prevented us from getting emotional.


If you need help with organizing your items and the layout of the home, Beth is the one to call.  We were inspired to paint and beautify up an area that she created into a “Drop Zone”.  It is now a warm entrance, and makes me smile to look at the fresh paint on the walls and the new welcome carpet leading into the main part of our home.  Many thanks to you Beth and for your help and friendship!”

Kathleen Dwinell, Burlington, Vermont
Organize My Home Client

22 Athens Dr #28.jpg


"Great to work with!

Exceptional ability to pull things together while thinking outside the box and used much of our existing staging items instead of buying new.

Made our model home look seamless and feel good. Our clients love it."


Collin Frisbee, Owner of Sterling Construction
Staged To Sell Client


After 33 years living in my home, a lifetime of memories literally overwhelmed me, I did not know where or how to start the effort to move to a new house. A friend's timely tip led me to work with Beth Warren's Organize My Home. Beth immediately laid out a plan to tackle the enormous task I faced. Fortunately, Beth is a hands-on manager, and every time I started to get bogged down in the minutiae of "too much stuff", she would bring focus and discipline back to the job that needed to be done. I was amazed at how much we were able to get done in a relatively short period of time.

Perhaps most importantly, Beth also brought to the table a friendly, positive, "you can do this" attitude. It was exactly what I needed. She was caring, thoughtful, and made a difficult job much easier than it would have otherwise been. I did not know her when we started working on my home organization, but I am proud to call Beth my friend today.

Gary Wheelock, 

Staged To Sell Client