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11 Habits of Highly Organized Women

Organization is not just my job. I live it every day. My clients know that I totally understand that sometimes organization does not come naturally to some and that is okay! You can absolutely learn to be more organized. I've put together my top eleven habits to incorporate into your life that will save you time and alleviate stress.

Disclaimer: I do most of these things most of the time. And sometimes I don’t...and that is okay! There are times when I just don’t have time or life gets in the way. I hope you will try out a few of these habits and let me know what you think! 😊

1. Make your bed every morning.

This will deter you from throwing things onto your bed such as clothes, books, glasses, electronics, etc... I love to end the day in a calm and serene environment and not a jumbled mess of sheets and blankets.

2. Put your clothes away every day.

This is a morning thing for me because I generally let my clothes air out before they get hung back up unless they are going right into the hamper. This way I don’t need to go hunting through a pile to find what I am looking for. It feels so much better to be able to dress in a clean environment. Whether you choose to put clothes away in the morning or at night, try and do it every day.

3. Keep a list of goals and review them every morning.

I have a journal that I keep on my coffee table where I have my tea in the morning. It contains my long term and short team goals. I find that this method helps me to stay focused and the most efficient with my time.

4. Spend 15 minutes every morning picking up.

If you have a family, you might need to allocate more time to do this. I found that purchasing baskets for each of my kids was helpful. You can simply pick up all miscellaneous items, put them in each basket. and take them to their rooms. This saves me some trips up and down the stairs! Who doesn't love to come home to a clean and clutter free house after a long day?

5. Empty your purse every night.

Purses can really be a catch all. It is easy to lose important items. I lay out every item from my purse on the counter each night. There is oftentimes something I threw in there that needs my attention. I also like to switch out my purse regularly so it makes this habit a bit easier to remember and execute.

6. Clean out your car every night.

Throw out all of the garbage that may be in your car from throughout day. I do not recommend keeping a garbage bag in your car or using your car as a storage space. By the end of the day, bring all of the items that you do not need in your car inside and put them away immediately.

7. Sort the mail everyday.

Immediately recycle any junk mail. Open all envelopes and put bills or other correspondence in a designated space. I have an inbox for myself, my husband, and for bills to be paid in my office. I pay bills and update my online banking every Sunday. By sorting the mail and attending to bills weekly, I don’t miss any deadlines!

8. Don’t leave dishes in the sink.

I sweep the kitchen and wash the dishes every night. This is something that my husband and I do together to save time. I really dislike waking up to a mess in the kitchen. I find that keeping up with the kitchen cleanliness saves time and makes meal prep enjoyable!

9. Plan meals for the week.

I try to have a few meal ideas decided on by Sunday, even if I don’t know which day I might have them. This used to be a family activity so I could get input and not hear “We have nothing to eat.” Or, “I don’t want this for dinner.”

I plan to have every ingredient that I'll need for each meal. I do so by making a grocery list. I include the ingredients that I need to stock up on to this list as well. I often go grocery shopping on Monday after work and another trip on Friday for more fresh produce.

10. Only clean for an hour at a time.

I might clean the bathrooms, the floors, or dust, but I don’t usually do it all at once. Unless you love spending all of Saturday morning cleaning or are lucky enough to have a house cleaner! This is a more manageable way to keep up with these chores.

11. Try on outfits from your closet for the week ahead.

I spend an hour doing this each week. This way you won’t wear the same thing too frequently and you can get more creative without feeling hurried. I leave the outfits hanging all together so when I am rushing to get dressed I have options. The valet rod from Inspired Closets is extremely useful for keeping outfits together. You can put accessories such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets around the hanger hook too!

I find that this method is especially helpful for those of you who tend to try on several outfits and end up creating a pile to deal with later on. It saves a lot of time getting dressed, reduces the amount of stress in the morning, and the amount of clutter too. It's much better way to start the day!

What are your favorite time saving organization tips? Leave me a comment below.

- Elizabeth 💙

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