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  • Elizabeth Warren

Are you a “Stuff Out” or "Stuff In” Person?

I’ve designed my fair share of closets over the years as the owner of Inspired Closets. My approach is very consultative. I visit with a client for the first time in their home to uncover how they naturally operate in their space. This allows me to see what their organizing preferences are. I have found that most people fall into one of two categories: "Stuff In" or "Stuff Out."

Stuff In people like a clean desk. As a rule, when they are done with work they will clean up their work space. I find that they usually dislike open shelving and bulletin boards. Within their closet space, they generally prefer lots of drawers and doors to hide items away.

Stuff Out people tend to like Post It notes, keep 10 tabs open on their computer while working, and fill their bulletin board with notes or lists. Within their closet space, they generally prefer open shelving and hooks to hang items like sweaters, jewelry, and scarves. They like to have things highly visible too.

It's important to note that whatever type of organization you identify with it does not necessarily indicate whether you are very organized or not. Stuff In people may need visual order but behind the doors and in the drawers they cannot find a thing. People who prefer items out where they can see them may actually have a system that works extremely well for them.

I believe that what is most important is creating a system that works based on the individual. My years of work designing closets was the precursor to my work as a Professional Organizer. I appreciate being able to work many levels deeper with folks now to help them set up systems to stay organized. It's a plus that I can also design custom storage systems to help them stay organized if needed.

So, what do you think? Are you a Stuff In person or a Stuff Out person? Or a little of both? Feel free to share your preferences and thoughts…I’d love to hear from you!

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