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  • Elizabeth Warren

Life Happens

It's a pleasure when I meet with a client who is excited to get their home organized. They understand that it will take some time to go through the home to organize and to style it. The end result, however, will make it all worthwhile!

I understand what it is like to move out of your home of many years. As a Professional Organizer and Stager, I can help with this process from start to finish. Working through a house can take months and it can be very overwhelming. It’s great to have help from family and friends. It’s even better if you can hire a professional.

That's where I can help you out!

I recently started working with a client who is planning to sell his home during the Spring of 2020. After my first visit, I knew that it would take several sessions to help organize and stage his home.

The situation is especially difficult for him because he is grieving the loss of his wife of many years. I often work with folks who are in the midst of change and life transitions. I know that it can be an overwhelming time. Life happens.

We move through life transitions from starting a family to an empty nest and even to losing a loved one. My role as a Professional Organizer is to make the process of editing out a home easy and stress free while accomplishing all of the necessary tasks.

While I am clear that I am not a therapist, I know my role can be just as important. I take that very seriously. Handling household items, personal items, Christmas decorations, etc…can be so emotional because it brings up memories.

We have relationships with our belongings and making decisions about whether or not to keep them can be an emotional roller coaster. I simply take the view that all of these emotions are normal. I can give a hug or even take my client to lunch if that is what seems the most helpful on any given day.

I always recommend that my clients work through any emotions that come up during our work with their therapist. If they don’t have one, I recommend that they consider it. I mostly just try and do my work with compassion, kindness, and respect for others because…Life happens.

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