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  • Elizabeth Warren

Renovating Our Home

My husband Todd and I have been in the home improvement business for the majority of our careers and have been in thousands of homes over the years. So, when we found a home in Burlington, Vermont that needed quite a bit of work we embraced the project.

The location was amazing and we knew that we could renovate the house to our needs and style. But, it was a big project! We had our contractor take a look before we even made an offer. We needed to know how much it was going to take for a full house renovation and then consult with our realtor so we could make an offer that made sense.

We purchased our home in November and worked on plans with our design build company, Leach Construction of Essex. The work began in January. It was just like the process you see on HGTV home remodeling shows. The walls came down and beams went up!

We wanted to take advantage of the lake view from as many vantage points as possible. We added a sun room and created a beautiful downstairs master. The end goal was to design our house to feel and function like a vacation home.

A large office den is at the top of the stairs as I often work from home. We created a laundry room upstairs as well. There is also two other bedrooms and a full bath. This is perfect for when our twenty somethings come home to visit.

I draw on this experience when I work with my clients for Organize My Home. I was moving out of a family home of 20 years, working with Todd at our business Inspired Closets, and working through a major renovation. It was a busy and stressful time. Todd and I were luckily able to work through all of the details and had a clear vision of what we wanted.

The project wrapped up in May. Our contractors did an amazing job of keeping us on task with our timeline and staying on budget. We are so happy with the results!

My clients are oftentimes moving out of their homes and are completely overwhelmed with the process. I can empathize with that and help to take the stress out of the process.

I love sharing pictures of our home on Instagram and Facebook however, this is the first time I’ve shared the before pictures. It was truly an incredible transformation and an amazing experience.

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