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Organize My Email

I have three email accounts; one for home, one for my business Inspired Closets, and one for Organize My Home. I know that most people have at least two email accounts on average. We can all benefit from having a good system in place to deal with all of the emails received daily. The following are my top tips for keeping your email inbox organized.

1. Open and read your emails every day.

Designate time in the morning and/or evening to be intentional about this. I find that folks often check their email multiple times per day via their mobile devices. This is fine. If you don’t have time to deal with the action items, I recommend that you: delete what you do not need, unsubscribe to junk mail, and file emails for easy reference.

2. Set up labels.

Whatever your platform, there is an option to create "Labels" which are basically files. There are tutorials and many ways to set up a system that works for you! If you're a Gmail user, check out how to set up "Labels" on your email here. Or watch this informative video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

3. Unsubscribe.

Spend time everyday unsubscribing to every unwanted email. It's likely you are getting so many that it seems like a daunting task. Try to spend 5 minutes a day unsubscribing and you will be caught up in no time!

4. Check your spam file regularly.

I check mine every day. If you are communicating with a company for the first time, it's easy for an email from them to get sent to Spam. You can unsubscribe from anything you do not want!

5. Delete.

If you set up a bill pay "Label" and then you pay the invoice online--you don’t need to keep that email. The great thing about email is that it actually never goes away forever. You can easily search if you are looking for something.

6. Search.

If you're looking for an email and find yourself scrolling through your inbox use the Search bar to find it. This will save you time!

7. Ask for help.

Like all technology, it's not going to be helpful if you don't know how to optimize it. There are professionals who can help with all things computer related including how to utilize all the functions on your Mac, PC, or phone. Start by inquiring with the company you purchased your devise from. They will likely have services in place to help you.

Did you find this blog post to be helpful? Check out my blog post "Too Much Paper" for tips on getting rid of and organizing paper clutter! If you have questions or need help please be in touch.

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