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  • Elizabeth Warren

Organize My Garage

Garages can really be a catch all. And really, they are often the entry way to your home. You can get your garage organized and looking good by following these steps.

1. Make a plan.

Inventory your garage for storage areas. If you do not already have shelving you will need to plan for that. Consider where you might store items while the shelving is being installed. You might not finish the job in just one afternoon. So, it's important to have a plan as to were items will go temporarily if needed.

2. Empty your garage.

Put all of your items in categories. All the tires together, sports equipment, tools, garden tools, bikes, etc.... Do not stop and try to make decisions about each item as you take them out. Just get them in groups.

3. Clean the garage.

Sweep and hose it down if necessary.

4. Edit each category.

There may be things that need to go to a donation center or be thrown away. Some items may just need to go back to their home, like putting your tools in the basement and gardening tools in the shed. You may even need to take a whole category of items and find a different place to store them.

5. Designate a place to store each category.

If designing a new organization system, consider looking up! Vertical space can be a great place to hang bikes off-season and to hang racks for tire storage. Cabinets for cleaning supplies or athletic equipment is helpful but, you may need shelving with bins to place your items. I recommend using clear bins so that you can easily see what is inside.

6. Use your Entryway Space.

Consider installing a bench and hooks next to the door of your home. If you live in a mild climate or during the warmer months, you can use this space as a mudroom. You might even paint the door and put a wreath on it to give it that extra added touch! Make this space as welcoming as you can since you might be using that entry every day.

I hope that these tips gave you a better sense of how to organize your garage! I appreciate any feedback.


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