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  • Elizabeth Warren

A Professional Organizer's Guide to Holiday Gifts

As a Professional Organizer, I see first hand all of the belongings that people accumulate. I love to give gifts and to receive them too! It can, however, be difficult when you receive items that you know are not your taste or does not have an explicit purpose. It is common for folks to keep things for sentimental reasons “…but it was a gift. I can't give it away” is something I hear often. I do not propose to forgo gift giving. A thoughtful gift at the holidays is a wonderful tradition! Here are 4 meaningful gift giving ideas to consider this year.

Consumables are my favorite thing to give. A themed basket of Italian specialties to your friend who is planning a trip to Italy, a spa basket with product and a gift card for a new mom, even a Visa card for a young adult can be put in a basket of their favorite treats. And who doesn’t like homemade cookies?! I made a meal to freeze for a very busy mom once with a note that I was giving her “time” for Christmas. The ideas are endless!

Experience gifts are a great idea! A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant can be paired with movie tickets and a bottle of wine to create a date night gift. Tickets to the local theater or lift tickets for the local ski area with a lesson included for an outdoor enthusiast wanting to try a new sport. One of my favorite gifts from a friend was a cooking class that we went to together.

Services oriented gifts are greatly appreciated. Pet sitting for a friend who travels paired with dog treats, baby-sitting for a young mom, a basket of car care items and a gift certificate for car washes. There are so many creative ways to incorporate services as a gift!

Re-purposed gifts that have sentimental value or have been handed down in a family are special too. I like to include a personal letter with such an item so the person receiving the gift has a story to go along with it. I gave a special friend a small silver serving piece with white roses in it last year for Christmas. She was getting married and I wanted her to have something “old” from our family.

You can be creative and thoughtful in your gift giving and also be conscious of not giving gifts that can clutter the home. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Please "like" this post and comment below your favorite gifts to give during the holiday season!

- Elizabeth 💙

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