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Recycle First

When I am working to clear out a house, and especially when folks are moving, there is generally a lot of household items that need new homes. I enjoy finding new ways to recycle items instead of sending them to a landfill. With this mission in mind, I have compiled a list of places I send items on a regular basis and some tips regarding these organizations based on my experience.

1. ReSource, Williston and Burlington.

Formally known as, “Recycle North,” this is a great place for household items, building materials, furniture and especially old technology. They are open daily and have drive-up service as well as pick-up service. They do not take clothing or any soft goods. Receipts are provided for tax deduction.

2. ReStore, Williston benefits Habitat for Humanity.

ReStore takes household items, building materials, and will pick up furniture. Upholstered items need to be in relatively good condition. Furniture needs to be solid wood and not any build-it-yourself pressed board type of furniture. Refrigerators and appliances need to be 10 years old or newer. The staff are responsive to emails and pictures of items so, they can advise you if you need it. They do not take clothing or any soft goods. Receipts are provided for tax deduction.

3. Goodwill, Williston.

This is my go to place for clothing and soft goods like blankets or curtains as well as home furnishings too! They do not take pillows or stuffed animals. They also do not take any type of appliances or technology. On occasion, however, someone will remark to me that they don’t want to donate to a for-profit business.

Goodwill has a very strong mission to help the less fortunate. Please check out their website before disqualifying them as a donation site. There is a Goodwill in South Burlington and Williston. They are open until 9:00PM on week days! Receipts are provided for tax deduction.

What are your favorite places to shop for gently used items? I love your feedback!


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