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Staged To Sell Client Before & After: Richmond, VT

I recently worked with a homeowner preparing their home for sale in Richmond, Vermont. I first

visited for a consultation and walked through the home. This family had out grown the space and had already purchased a new home. These folks were motivated and ready to move!

They wholeheartedly embraced my written recommendations. This was made clear when I found that they had executed every last one when I returned to do the final staging! They did a fantastic job with decluttering the home. It was ready for styling and staging! This is always an exciting phase of the process for myself and my clients too.

We found some nice accessories from around the house to stage for their listing photos. I spent two hours going through each room to style the beds, tables and a little extra decluttering in the mudroom and entryway areas.

This young mom was so excited about the process she helped by cutting flowers from the garden and helped to style other small portions of the home.

When we were finished we had a moment to have a seltzer and take in her newly styled home. I asked her, “Now that we are finished, how do you feel?’ And she just looked at me and replied simply, “I feel so proud.” I felt proud too and not just for a job well done. I was able to really help this family and that is the reason why I love what I do.

A few days later the realtor, Karin Ericson of Ericson Team at KW Realty held an open house and they accepted a full price, cash offer a day later. I got the news from the homeowner right away via email exclaiming…”It doesn’t get any better than that!” Indeed, it does not!

- Elizabeth Warren

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